Solutions for Developers

We design our noise suppression systems to meet your requirements.

Our designs will exceed the normal requirements of Document E of Building Regulations, thus avoiding re-test fees.

If you have to take up floors or take down ceilings, just to put insulation into the void, let us blow it with Warmcel insulation for the following benefits:

  • A significant reduction in cost
  • Much more effective solution with the entire void filled
  • A fire proof solution
  • No gaps of cracks for heat and sound to escape through
  • Acoustic Suppression
  • Quick to implement and non-disruptive to schedules and other works.
  • A carbon negative solution


    Often problems can arise even if robust detail has been followed, also a property may have failed the noise test.

We will;

  • Carry out a survey of the construction
  • Review the test results/report
  • Identify problem areas.
  • Produce a report with recommendations
  • If required carry out further detailed examinations
  • Install additional noise suppression measures.

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