Acoustic Walls

Party Walls

This is the main problem with noise ingress in domestic properties.

Existing party walls can be:

  • Solid 225mm block or brick
  • Cavity often two skins of 100mm with a cavity width
  • Timber frame
Insulation in the cavity makes matters worse.

There can be many design problems to get over when designing and installing a sound proofing solution for a noise suppression system for a party wall, some of these are:

  • Door and frame of cupboard or room tight against party wall
  • Electrical sockets, telephone and TV points
  • Fitted furniture
  • Windows tight against party wall
  • Radiators
  • Kitchen cupboards and bathroom fittings
  • Chimney breasts and chimney fires with live fires or gas fires
  • Direction and location of floor joists

We encounter these on a regular basis and have solutions in the majority of cases

Party Wall 1 Party Wall 2 Party Wall 3 Party Wall 4
Partition Wall 4 Partition Wall 5

Partition Walls

There are often problems between rooms which are divided by partition walls, and those which form the entrances to flats or multi occupancy dwellings

When dealing with partition wall problems, it is essential to look for paths of flanking sound. For example, above the partition in the loft or ceiling void, or below in the floor void.

Partition Wall 1 Partition Wall 2 Partition Wall 3

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