Acoustic Ceilings

Ceilings requiring noise suppression are a little more complicated. This is because existing detail such as the height of the ceiling can limit what can be done. Where possible we always fill the existing ceiling with acoustic pugging to ensure the absorption of noise starts as early as possible. If the unwanted noise has already been slightly muffled or softened then, the new acoustic ceiling will work even better.

The best form of acoustic ceiling is one which does not touch the existing ceiling at all. Thus, impact noise or heel strike/foot fall will have to pass through an air void before it hits the new acoustic ceiling. The room available will depend upon what the thickness of the new ceiling will be. Again, depending on what the noise ingress is, will depend on the eventual design. Obviously it will also depend on wether the existing ceiling is solid concrete or made from timber joists.

Timber Joist Ceilings

An example solution for a timber joist ceiling can been seen in the gallery. This gives an indication of how we aim to construct a solution, although some details may change depending upon circumstances.

Timber ceilings have different problems which need to be resolved.

In Contact Ceilings

Sometimes there is not enough height to construct an independent ceiling and on these occasions we have installed thinner, in-contact ceilings which have worked well. They are not as effective as the independent ceiling but can still restore quality of life. An example in-contact ceiling solution can been seen in the gallery.

Timber ceilings have different problems which need to be resolved.

Concrete Ceilings

These often allow high levels of noise through. This is because they are often of block and beam construction or a continuous slab with ducts in it. The solution to these types of ceiling is similar to the the two designs above, however, remedial work will need to take place on the existing ceiling as well to further improve noise suppression.

Concrete ceilings have different problems which need to be resolved.

Ceiling Solutions Gallery

Some acoustic ceiling solutions for problems that we encounter on a regular basis.

Ceiling Solution 1 Ceiling Solution 2 Ceiling Solution 3

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