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Sister Company:

Noise Busters (LTD ) is a specialist company which carries out the design and installation of noise suppression and sound proofing systems. We particularly specialise in sound proofing domestic homes as well as noise reduction and noise suppression of commercial buildings. We use specialist products including noise insulation and specialist sound proofing membranes. We survey each noise reduction problem separately and the design an individual sound proofing, noise suppression solution: these noise reduction solutions will be a mixture of  acoustic ceilings for sound proofing, acoustic walls for noise suppression and acoustic floors for further sound proofing. We have installed noise suppression systems on party walls of houses, ceilings in flats and floors of offices; giving excellent noise reduction. We have sound proofed music rooms, recording studios, offices, machinery in factories, home entertainment rooms, home music practice rooms, hot tubs in the garden. Other examples of noise suppression are boat and car engines, generators to run Boeing 747’s when being serviced.

We also offer a specialist sound proofing and noise suppression consultancy. This is where we look at a noise problem, identify the extent and report on various noise suppression systems that could be installed to achieve good noise reduction. This type of sound proofing service is by far the most difficult. We are often liaising between several concerned parties and having to procure a peace and successful outcome. We need to explain the noise reduction science of sound wave propagation and how it moves in buildings. We then explain how the noise suppression system works to achieve the required results. Those achieving the mass used words of “soundproofing”. To achieve a ‘sound proof’ solution is in many circumstances, impossible. This is why we prefer the terms noise suppression and noise reduction.

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